What is Whois Privacy Provider?

You probably found our information in the Whois of a domain name using our Whois Privacy Service. We are not the owner of that domain name!

We help to protect the actual registration information from being seen in the public whois database. It is a requirement from ICANN for each domain name to have accurate contact information for its owner on file. When our Whois Privacy Service is used, the contact information that is shown in the Whois is that of us, while we do store the actual owner information in our private database.

Why Whois Privacy?

  • Protect your personal information
  • Shield you from domain-related spam
  • Stop harassers and stalkers
  • Prevent data mining
  • Help free speech

Don't even think of using our service to spam, phishing or illegal activities!

Complaints about a domain name?

If you have a complaint about a domain name using our Privacy Service, then you can contact us via one of our contact forms. We will respond to you via e-mail within a maximum of two business days. Inquiries that reach us via any other way (e-mail, post) may take longer to respond to. In any event, make sure to include the domain name you are inquiring about.